About Us

Our Company

AMA Resources is a woman-owned family business serving the Mid-Atlantic region. In 2008, we saw a need for hands-on, full-service waste management to provide demolition, transportation, recycling, and disposal for construction projects. We work on many projects with friable asbestos, non-friable asbestos, and other special waste. Our eco-friendly practices make us a great choice for LEED (green building) construction/recycling projects and sustainability initiatives.

Success Stories

JPC Group has contracted with AMA for transportation and disposal of material from several large demolition projects over the past year, including John Wanamaker School, Drexel University, and Muston Field at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. These jobs ranged from 100 tons to 8000+ tons of construction and demolition material, non-friable asbestos, and recycled materials. AMA was able to provide all transportation options, from walking floors to steel trailers. AMA also proved to be a valuable partner in finding the lowest price options for transportation and disposal, and found recycling alternatives that saved us money. AMA has met project demands, including strict time and budget constraints. As a result, we were able to bid aggressively and with confidence.

~ George Manogue; JPC Group; Philadephia, PA

We operate a construction and demolition debris landfill in White Marsh (Baltimore County), Maryland. AMA has helped us with business development and marketing projects, including ongoing design of our LEED recycling program to meet the needs of local “Green Building” contractors; training landfill personnel in effective recycling and reuse for incoming waste; and establishing a process for recycling inbound concrete and masonry waste into aggregate that's suitable for resale. AMA continues to provide us with recommendations, market analysis, and support that helps us offer competitive prices and services in the Washington-Baltimore-Philadephia region.

~ Kenneth Binnix; Executive Vice President, Days Cove Reclamation Company; Annapolis, MD

Our transfer station for construction and demolition debris has been working with AMA for over two years. When we started with AMA, we had volumes of less than 25 tons per day. Through AMA, we now do over 200 tons per day. AMA was able to cut our disposal of outbound material by over 40 percent. They also designed our recycling facility and found markets for more than 12 commodities at great numbers.

~ Ron Christopher; Delaware Valley Recycling; Philadelphia, PA

Strategic Partnerships

We use our years of experience and strong industry connections to establish strategic partnerships with landfills, recycling facilities, transfer stations, trucking companies, LEED facilities, and more. Preferential pricing, volume discounts, access to state-of-the-art resources, and guaranteed on-time service are just a few of the benefits that we pass on to you. We put together a great team, and make sure everything goes smoothly during the entire job.

Why Choose AMA?

We're a one-stop shop for debris and waste removal. Our fast, personalized service makes projects run smoothly. Once the debris hits the ground, we’ll take it from there.

Faster, more accurate bids

Your client wants your bid in 24 hours. Should you spend time calling 10 different specialists for quotes on removal, transportation, and disposal of asbestos, contaminated soils, fluorescent lights, creosoted lumber, metals, carpeting, wood, and other types of construction debris? Let us save you time AND money. Send us your project information online or call us at 302.540.1119 for a quick estimate

Cost-effective options

We make on-site visits before work begins, to ensure the equipment is a perfect fit for your job. We provide scales, drivers, and trucks -- tri-axle trailers, dump trucks, enclosed trailers, rolloff trailers, and tipper trailers (just to name a few). We'll set up the most reliable, affordable logistical method for your project.


Recycling is a win-win-win opportunity: You can save money, help the environment, and receive positive recognition when your organization does the right thing. We’ll identify opportunities to reduce waste (and costs) by recycling a wide range of materials.

In addition to the materials you may already plan to recycle – paper, cardboard, glass, metal, and plastic – we can often reuse other items, such as granite, beams, timbers, and furniture. On a recent demolition project, we were able to save approximately 500 tons of timber studs from the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Those studs were reused in the construction of a new barn.

Compliance with industry regulations

We understand the nuances and regulations involved when dealing with special waste, including friable asbestos, non-friable asbestos, contaminated soils, fluorescent lights, creosoted lumber, and other hard-to-move material. Your debris will be handled properly and transported to a permitted and legal disposal site.